Refund & Cancellation

Return Shipments Policy

This Return Shipments Policy (“Policy”) governs the return request raised by the Buyer in accordance with the terms of this Policy (“Return Request”) and the mechanism for resolution of disputes raised by the Seller in relation to the Return Requests. Any capitalised terms used herein this Policy and not defined explicitly shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Use, as amended from time to time. The Users understand that Hiveloop Technology Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘we’) is an intermediary platform and shall only mediate the Return Request. Except for any Logistics RVP, it shall be sole responsibility of the Seller to resolve the issues/ concerns raised by the Buyer pertaining to the Return Request. We shall not assume any liability for any failure on the part of the Seller to resolve the Return Request raised by the Buyer. We may modify this Policy from time to time, and any such changes will be reflected on the Platform and be effective immediately upon the changes being reflected on the Platform. Users agree to be bound to any such changes or modifications and understand and accept the importance of regularly reviewing the Policy as updated on the Platform from time to time.


    1. Product(s) is physically damaged or is defective,
    2. including damage to the outer box delivered;
    3. warranty issues or quality related issues with respect to the Product delivered;
    4. wrong Product or the Product is not matching the description or specifications mentioned on the listing page on the Platform;
    5. part of the Order/ Products is found to be missing due to reasons attributable to the Seller.
    Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Buyer may raise a Return Request for the following reasons (“Logistics RVP”):
    1. part of the Order/ Products are found to be missing due to any reasons attributable to the logistics; or
    2. Product was damaged in-transit; or
    3. Any other logistics related issues.
  • At the time of making a Return Request on the Platform, Buyer will be required to provide appropriate supporting documentation/ proof including without limitation:
    1. images of the Product(s) indicating the issue in the Product/ shipment delivered. The images need to capture the following: (a) the shipping label with Order ID; (b) Order details; (c) packed shipment; (d) issue observed by the Buyer in the Product; (e) damages to the Product; and/or (f) the IMEI number (in case the Product is a mobile phone);
    2. unboxing/ normal video clip indicating the issues in the Product/ shipment delivered. The video clip needs to capture all sides of the package, order details, shipping label, quantity of the Product, damages in the Product, IMEI number (in case of mobile phones), any tampering with the outer box etc.;
    3. copy of bill/ tax invoice for the Product received.
    If any further information or clarification is required from the Buyer, we will contact the Buyer.


Basis our internal scrutiny of the Return Request raised by the Buyer, any of the following may occur:
Approval of the Return Request: The Return Request shall be approved under the following scenarios:
  • The Return Request has been approved by the Seller. In such case, the Reverse Shipment will be shipped to the Seller; or
  • If we determine that the Return Request is a Logistics RVP, in such case, (i) we will pay the full value (as declared) of the Shipment to the Seller; and (ii) we shall have the right to proceed with the liquidation of such Reverse Shipment.
  • In case of approval of the Return Request, if the Buyer has already paid for the Order, the order amount for the Product(s) shall be refunded to the Buyer or third party as per instructions of the Buyer.
    Rejection of the Return Request: The Return Request raised by Buyer shall be rejected, in case of any of the following reasons:
  • If the Buyer does not respond to the inquiry calls and/or communication via other modes made by us to procure missing documentation and information in relation to the Return Request; or
  • supportive documents are insufficient, or Buyer is unable to provide sufficient proof in support of the claim.
  • Exceptional cases: In exceptional cases such as fraud, deficiency in service, or any other circumstance which may affect the user experience on the Platform, we may on good faith basis and in our sole discretion decide to pay the transaction amount for the disputed Product in the absence of Seller’s approval of such returns. The said payment of transaction amount shall be made to compensate for the inappropriate user experience. In such exceptional cases, payment will be initiated to the Buyer within forty-eight (48) banking hours from:
  • the date of approval of the Return Request by us; or
  • from the date Buyer confirms the dispatch of the Product from Buyer’s premise/ shop/ designated pick-up location; whichever is later.
  • In all the above-mentioned cases wherein, the Return Requests are approved by the Seller, refund will be initiated to the Buyer. We disclaim all responsibility and liability with respect to any Return Request, except for Logistics RVP which are accepted by us and Seller(s) agree not to hold us liable for any such claims or disputes.
    We may, in our sole discretion, check the contents of the returned Shipment that are picked up from the Buyer, however, we shall not assume any responsibility or liability with respect to such verification of the Shipment. If we choose to do such verification, our check will be limited to checking that the Products which are handed over to us match the description of the Products, quantity, colour, size, and/ or brand with the Product for which Return Request has been raised. Buyer’s return request shall automatically stand cancelled in case the Products handed over to us do not pass the verification check. We will not entertain any further return request in case of any cancellation due to verification check.