Whiskas Tuna in Jelly Wet Food Kitten, 2-12 Months



Product Details

Key Features
Complete and balanced nutrition.
Urinary tract health.
Healthy eyesight.
Easy to eat & digest.

Meat and Animal Derivatives, Fish and Fish Derivatives (Tuna 4.5%), Binder, Enhancers, Minerals, Thickener, Oil, Gelling Agents, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Colourants

12 x 85 g

Kittens (up to 3 Months): 3 Pouches/ Day
Kittens (4-5 Months): 3.5 Pouches/ Day
Kittens (6 Months – 1 Year): 4 Pouches/ Day
We recommend to feed a mix of Whiskas Junior Wet and Whiskas Junior Dry Food

Nutrition Information
Protein Min. 8.5%, Fat Min. 4.0%, Fibre Max. 0.2%, Moisture Max. 86%

Shelf Life
24 months


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