Tata Tea Agni Special Blend Tea


Product Details

Shelf Life
12 months

Key Features
Enjoy a strong cup of tea with Tata Tea Agni Strong Leaf Tea.
Make your mornings strong with 10% extra strong leaves.
Tata Agni leaf tea has a special blend of tea leaves.
Make anytime tea time with a refreshing sip of your favorite tea.

Black Tea

1 kg

Tata Tea Agni offers a strong cup of tea at an affordable price, energizing people to overcome any challenges along the way. Tata Tea Agni’s 10% extra strong leaves give a strong taste in every cup. With a special blend of tea leaves, it offers freshness & rich fullness that will leave you longing for more. Enjoy it whenever you long for a strong cup of tea to awaken your mind and get rejuvenated.


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