Colgate Kids Anticavity Motu Patlu Bubble Fruit Flavour Kids Toothpaste (6+ years)



Product Details

Key Features
Delicious bubble fruit flavoured toothpaste to make brushing fun
Their favourite cartoon character now helps children fight cavities
Contains fluoride that provides cavity and enamel protection
A cool, minty fruit taste that helps freshen breath
Sparking colourful gel makes kids want to brush regularly

80 g

Kids must brush their teeth at least 2 times a day and Colgate Kids Motu Patlu Toothpaste is a fun way to ensure they enjoy good oral care habits early on! This delicious fruit flavoured toothpaste is especially designed for children of age 6 years and above who have newly erupted or developing permanent teeth.
The toothpaste effectively cleanses their mouth, leaving it fresh. The kid’s toothpaste also provides clinically proven cavity and enamel protection. Sparking colourful gel of Colgate strawberry toothpaste makes brushing fun for kids.
Developed with the help and expertise of Pediatric dentists, Colgate offers a healthy and thorough clean. It ensures your kid’s smile gets brighter and cleaner with every use.


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